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Litigation Support Services
Sumner Hall provides litigation support services including confidential expert assistance, preparation of detailed expert reports and oral expert testimony in Court. Selected litigation support roles are set out below:
Selected Litigation Support Roles
Briefed By Case / Matter Role
Blake Dawson Waldron The Bell Group Limited (In Liquidation) ats Westpac Banking Corporation & Ors Valuation of certain assets owned by the Bell Group including an interest in the Swan, Tooheys and XXXX breweries, shares in Bell Resources, securities held by Bell Resources as collateral for the $1.2 billion brewery deposit and shares in other Bond Corporation group companies together with extensive testimony in the Supreme Court of Western Australia
Fisher Jeffries The Duke Group Ltd (In Liquidation) ats Nelson Wheeler Valuation of Western United financial services business and assessment of expert’s report prepared by Nelson Wheeler together with extensive testimony in the Supreme Court of South Australia
Freehills Liquorland Pty Ltd and Australian Liquor Group Ltd ats Michael Lee Anghie & Ors Advice on the value of the Australian Liquor Group in relation to a takeover offer by Liquorland that had been the subject of orders by the Takeovers Panel
Allens Arthur Robinson Zeneca Plc ats Orica Ltd Advice on valuation of pharmaceutical distribution agreement and licenses including testimony in the Royal Courts of Justice
Clayton Utz Beach Petroleum Ltd ats Malcolm Johnson & Ors Advice on takeover strategies and tactics, assessment of capital structure and loss estimation including testimony in the Federal Court of Australia
Johnson Winter & Slattery J & AG Johnston Ltd ats Edward Cove Pty Ltd Advice in relation to required disclosures by the target company in a takeover bid including testimony in the Federal Court of Australia
Allens Arthur Robinson Moage Limited (In Liquidation) ats Jagleman & Ors Advice on the likelihood of a takeover offer being made for Claremont Petroleum NL as at the relevant date, the appropriate methodology to apply for assessment of the takeover offer price and the likely underlying value of a controlling interest in Claremont Petroleum NL as at the relevant date
Johnson Winter & Slattery Health & Life Care Ltd (In Liquidation) ats Price Waterhouse Valuation of private hospitals and other health care assets and review of expert’s reports prepared by Price Waterhouse
Mallesons Stephen Jaques Fairfax debenture holders ats Citibank Retained by advisers to Citibank to advise on value of the businesses of John Fairfax at the time of refinancing bank debt and issuance of subordinated debentures
Allens Arthur Robinson Michael Gudinski Promotions ats News Limited & Ors Valuation of shares in Mushroom Records
Australian Government Solicitor Trade Practices Commission ats Arnotts Limited Analysis of trading terms between Arnotts and various grocery retailers for the purpose of assessing the impact of the acquisition of Nabisco Brands on competition in the biscuit market including testimony in the Federal Court of Australia
Thomson Playford Macmahon Holdings Ltd and LJFT Limited Advice in relation to the required disclosures by the bidding company in a proposed takeover offer for Macmahon Holdings Limited